Bubble Boys

From John Keating’s entry on foxsportsdetroit.com

Everybody knows hockey is a business in the same way we know that Charlie Sheen is not exactly happy-ending marriage material. But like the next Mrs. Charlie Sheen, we still hold out hope that somehow things will change.

It’s not happening.

Oh John, even on the Internet, you can’t help with the bad puns, can you?  Pop-culture humor aside, the media in Detroit all seem to be pointing to three guys that are probably on their way out once Franzen and now maybe even Lilja make their return.

Someone has to go.  We can only have a 23 man roster and with #93 and #3 returning (maybe), we’ll have to trim about two million of Gary’s Salary Cap space.  Three guys are probably not feeling to comfortable with their job situation.  Here’s what Keating had to say about them…

Bubble Boy #1: Ville Leino ($800,000)

Leino had all this upside after having been signed as a somewhat coveted free agent and began to show flashes of great skill last year in the playoff push. This year has been a head-scratcher. He just hasn’t been able to find any degree of consistency in winning battles and scoring goals that would make him an absolute keeper. He’ll be moved, and the Wings realize there’s a good chance that he’ll flourish somewhere else. But it just wasn’t happening here.

Well, for $800,000 against Gary’s Cap, I think the only reason we’d hang on to him is the fear of him going somewhere else and lighting it up…hello, Eastern Conference?  I wish we had more time to let the kid grow into the system, but it just doesn’t look like we can.

Bubble Boy #2: Brad May ($482,000)

May has been a great fit on the Wings, a consummate teammate whose role has been very clear and embraced. But his tough-guy presence is a luxury that a team on a Tupperware-tight budget just can’t afford.

Also, his fights have really been no-value-added.  He’ll have a good shift every once in a while, but most of the time he doesn’t do anything but fill holes.  I’d hate to see our one, true enforcer go, but again, we may not have much of a choice.

Bubble Boy: #3 (483,000)

Meech was the “winner” when the Red Wings last had a roster decision this painful. They moved Kyle Quincey, who flourished in Los Angeles almost immediately. Meech, meanwhile, has shown only flashes of flourish but will likely be the odd man out, if they need his cap room.

We let Quincey walk and kept Meech.  Ouch.  For all the reasons for letting Meech go or moving him if we can get ANYTHING for him, simply read Chris’s last few posts…remember Chris?