Bringin’ Curly Back

You’ve all heard it by now. Curly fries are no longer free with a Red Wings hat trick.


Puck Daddy:

Arby’s has changed the promotion to the decidedly unhip free Junior Roast Beef Sandwich”



Terrible, shocking, deplorable news out of Michigan and the Capitol of Hockey as we know it. Likely backed by the British and their hatred for efficient use of potato consumption, Arby’s(TM) has replaced their promotional giveaway of free curly fries the day after a Detroit Red Wing scores three goals; and all the fans have to do is bring in a copy of the box score. The replacement? A faux-st beef junior cheesy sh*tty sandwich-burger thing, I honestly forget what it’s called because I only go to Arby’s for the free curly fries…and okay, sometimes a salad or a jamocha shake.

But don’t worry, the Red Wings nation is on this. Former US Green Beret and current member of the black ops special forces group heading up #OperationCurlyFries at The Production Line, Rob Discher (is that accurate, Rob?) has furthered the rallying cry started by the boys at TPL.

Realistically, we all feel the same sentiments, and that’s why I’m here to say that Nightmare On Helm Street will also support this campaign. And personally, for what it’s worth Rob, I will lead the charge with whatever living, non-mutated pre-undead-phase-human beings we have in this Dystopian futuristic fallout part of the United States. Even one voice from Arizona will still help.

Join the movement, fans. Visit TPL and let your voice be heard.

Godspeed and Let’s Go Red Wings.