Big H2H News

I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with a producer for Fox Sports Detroit.  My discussions were initiated by the producer, who had contacted me in advance of NOHS getting mentioned on the air…I obviously didn’t get the message until after the fact.  So I wrote him back to thank him for the heads up and more importantly to thank him for even mentioning NOHS on a live game feed of the team we so passionately follow.  The producer stated that in an effort to stay connected to fans, that they do indeed pay attention to the blogging community.  Did he know about H2H?  Apparently so.

I don’t know if those organizing Herm to Hockeytown are aware of this, but FSD is going to be represented.  Here’s an excerpt from the latest e-mail…

By the way, one of our reporters, Justin White, will be attending your “Herm to Hockeytown” get together for a feature on an upcoming episode of our show “Wingspan.”  Thought you may want to pass the word around.

This is big, ladies and gentlemen.