Bertuzzi Family is Happy to Stay in Hockeytown


From the Free Press – Todd Bertuzzi talking about his two sons children Tag and Jaden’s reaction to the news that the family would remain in Detroit for two more years…

“They jumped up and down when they found out we are going to be in Detroit for a couple more years.  We’re all really pumped.”

The boys aren’t the only one happy about this deal…though some of you are thinking that Bert may be costing us a little too much…remember that he doesn’t really owe us a “hometown discount” and probably could have made more money elsewhere.

“It’s just such a great feeling to be coming back. I think we have a really good chance next year. It’s such an unbelievable group of guys there — everyone gets along, and no one there is about themselves. It’s a pretty neat situation to be in. I loved every minute of being there the first time around, and feel fortunate I got a second chance at it. And now I get to finish off my career there.”

Bertuzzi played more of a two-way game last season than he ever did in his career.  I remember all of the Calgary blogs talking about how he played a “drop-in style” of hockey and wouldn’t even be seen over our own blue line at times.  Well, that just wasn’t the case and I think that the defensive aspects of his game may improve even more with a full year in the system under his belt.

He scored a few clutch goals for us and was money in shoot outs.  He’s a Red Wing for the rest of his career, so get used to it, peeps.