Bert Says Tonight will be Fun


Todd Bertuzzi and Pavel Datsyuk will both be in the line-up tonight.  Datsyuk has apparently been fighting the flu and Bertuzzi suffered a charlie horse during Sunday’s slug fest with hte Chickenhawks.

Bertuzzi talked to the Detroit News today.  When he was told that the Red Wings haven’t won three games in a row in two months, he replied with the following:

“Is that right?  That would be a pretty big accomplishment then, eh?”

I would imagine that was accompanied by a toothless grin, but I can’t say for sure.  Bertuzzi continued…

“We are starting to figure things out.  We’re starting to understand what it takes to  win with this group. I am looking forward to tonight. It’s going to be fun.”

Well, here’s to hoping it’s going to be fun for the fans as well.  I think Bertuzzi still has an itch for the Flames and I hope he goes ahead and scratches it tonight.  You may remember the off-season talkings whereby the Flames’ faithful treated Bertuzzi’s departure like he was a disease.

He’s currently 4th on the Red Wings in points.  He’s played in all 65 games and has accumulated 15 goals and 22 assists for 37 points.  He may not be producing in goal department as of late, but the guy has been playing pretty damn good hockey.  There’s still times I scream at the TV for him to shoot…but overall I’m very happy with what we’ve gotten out of Bertuzzi this season.

Now don’t make me look like a fool tonight, Todd.  Show those Flames what you can do.