Beanie Saw a Few 43’s Herself

Next to Creasemonkey, little Jill aka “Beanie” all the way from Australia saw her fair share of the number 43 over the course of the competition.  Here is an excerpt from one of several e-mails sent to me from down under…

Beanie168 from Down Under here. I had a few 43 sightings today.

Firstly, driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a sudden downpour (an almost having an accident while taking photos), lanes on the bridge.

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what else she saw that day.  Great work, Jill…and I’m glad that you didn’t have that accident.  I’m assuming that it would have been pretty hard to explain to the person that you almost rammed into.

A lot more coming from Jill…a  lot more.