Back on Track


“We had good start, we don’t always start like that.  First time in my career we scored on the first shift. Nice to have that.“– Pavel Datsyuk, via Fox Sports.

Monty Babcock’s Flying Circus accounted for seven total points last night in the Red Wings 4-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils.

The struggling New Jersey Devils are an interesting story as they sit in 14th place in the Leastern Conference and 29th overall in the NHL.  The Devils, the second most successful ogran-i-zation in the past 15 years, was the focal point of the off-season as many decent NHL Free Agents had to sit around and watch New Jersey duke it out with the NHL over Ilya Kovalchuck’s monster $100 million contract.  The deal finally got done (eventually) and New Jersey entered the season with high hopes after hiring John MacLean – someone Jersey fans had been calling for in previous years.  The team has only won eight games so far this season and have dropped five straight.  Ouch.

Sure, the Wings popped in two goals less than two minutes into the contest…but they didn’t make it easy on Chris Osgood at times, who recorded career win #399, and his first career win in New Jersey.  When I heard that stat last night, I was surprised…weren’t you?  I mean…he did spend a season as a member for the New York Islanders – who play in the same division.  Regardless, New Jersey actually outshot Detroit 34-23.  Ozzie made some key saves, though they weren’t always pretty.  But the man got the job done and is only one win away from 400.

“I don’t approach any game as easy and I don’t look at the other team’s record.  They can turn it around quickly. I felt good because I only played a week ago. There wasn’t any rust. It was huge for us to get the two goals early.  It feels good to have the opportunity to finally get there.”– Chris Osgood

Detroit has bounced back from that long three game losing streak and will play four out of the next five games at home starting tomorrow against the Los Angeles Kings and will end the week on Friday in my new home – the city of Chicago.

Detroit is only three points back of Pittsburgh for tops in the league, but Rosby and the flightless birds have played three more games.  Our quest to “restore the natural order of things” this season appears to be back on track.