Back in 8th Spot

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Thanks to Ty Conklin and those other a-holes that ruined my trip to Sweden, we’re back in the top 8 of the Western Conference as St. Louis downed Calgary 2-0 last night.  There are two big reasons that we’re sitting where we are right now, I’ve highlighted them in red below…

 The most obvious reason for us being in 8th place is the complete free-fall that Calgary is in right now.  They’ve lost six consecutive games and have only 3 points in their last 10 games played…pathetic.

The reason that we’re not higher up in the standing is the sheer lack of goal scoring by Detroit.  Check out the goals-for column.  Look at who has scored less goals in the West…no one.

We knew that losing Sammy, Hossa, and Hudler would cost us a few goals.  But not even the chin waggers of the MSM could have predicted Detroit would fall so far.  It will be nice to see the impact of having a full roster.

Yesterday, when I said that we haven’t had a full roster all year, I meant it.  Remember that The Namesake was hurt in training camp and wasn’t back before the Mule went down.  Therefore, Detroit has STILL not iced its fully loaded roster yet this season.