UPDATED: Babcock Says Game On – Final Deadline Set

fUPDATE 6:30 PM: – Game on says Khan(!).

Again, according to Khan(!) who seems great at breaking news about power outages, Babcock is convinced they will play, while Datsyuk is blaming Lidstrom for the mess. 

“We’re going to play tonight at 7:30 (local time),” Babcock said. “Pavel (Datsyuk) is convinced that just like in ‘Bull Durham’ Nick (Lidstrom) got into the building and got the skate canceled and he couldn’t be happier. So every once in a while you get lucky as a player. You win the lottery, you don’t have to get out there.”

This isn’t the first time the Wings might have a game cancelled in San Jose either.  

Lidstrom recalled the 1995 game between the Red Wings and Sharks in this building that was canceled due to flooding.

“We found out after our nap that they were going to cancel it,” Lidstrom said.  

Deadline for the power to be restored is 6:30 EST, otherwise the game is cancelled.  

If the game is on, the Wings will face Nitty in the SJ net, while icing the same lineup as the one this past Sunday.