Are We Too Good for T-Shirt Gimmicks?

Detroit, like many other teams around the league hands out free, fairly low quality shirts at some play-off games.  But unlike some teams like….


The white-out in Phoenix…

(Most) idiots in Pittsburgh…


(Most) Flyer fans in Philly…

…and this is the one I find most impressive:


The sea of red in Calgary (even the cheapskates who don’t get names/numbers on the backs of their jerseys).

Red Wings fans never seem to really embrace the whole “wearing a cheap t-shirt over my jersey” kind of thing.  Plus, unlike the folks in Calgary, we have a lot of people who are still holding onto the white jerseys of old instead of getting a new home red jersey.

They handed out those unfortunate “The beard is back” shirts last year, but I don’t think many were too proud to put them on.  Most of the other teams seem to dish out simple shirts with the team logo on them.  If the Wings did something like this, with red or white shirts, would we go for it in Detroit?  Obviously, if you have a red jersey and the t-shirt is read, you could leave the jersey on and vice versa with white.

Or is the whole thing just a stupid gimmick and below the Detroit standard?