Answering the Call

Petrella over at the Production Line threw down the gauntlet with a dramatic post title, A Call to H2H/TPL Action.

Well, I have answered the call.

But here’s the background on what’s going on…

For every Red Wings goal from now until we get on the plane, Rob and I will donate $2 to the fund. In addition, we’d LOVE to have some of our loyal, awesome, jailsexed readers volunteer to match our donations for each game (or all of them, if you’re feeling super generous).

I’ve decided to match that $2 per goal for every game from tonight until the March 26th meeting.  Before granting us our sainthood, remember that the Wings are only scoring 2.54 goals per game right now. Which means that in the 12 games leading up to the H2H game against Pinky’s Wild, I should be out about $60.

Hey, I’m supposed to be saving up for my wedding…so cut me a break.

If anyone else is feeling generous and wants to spice up the next 12 games, click on the TPL link at the top or sidebar and help out.