Another Chicago Idiot

Need another reason to hate Chicago?  How about Alex Quigley?  Who?  This guy…


Our smug looking, former rock DJ from Chicago wrote an article entitled: “Red Wings Fans Hate America, One Tentacle At A Time“.  Why?  In response to a piece that Rob Otto did on mLive about Chicago fans standing and cheering throughout the national anthem at every home game for the Blackhawks.

I already knew there wasn’t going to be one word of intellegent writing just by the title of Mr. Quigley’s article.  But I read (most of) it anyway.  Let’s hit the low points…

Although at first blush, the article seemed to be pageview-bait; write something potentially inflammatory with a “WTF? NO WAI DOOD!” headline and you’re suddenly rolling in pennies and nickels from Google.

And what exactly were you trying to do with your article?  Pot, please meet kettle.  Kettle, have you met pot?  Perhaps our boy Al was trying to be ironic…either way, he comes off as a jackass.

What do Red Wings fans do after the national anthem is sung? Well, if it’s the playoffs:



Our founding fathers would be so proud of this eight-legged show of patriotism. I bet they were all ticked off at John Hancock for signing his name so big that they couldn’t fit their “Octopus = Freedom” clause into the Declaration of Independence.

Insert sound of cartoon plane plummeting towards Earth and eventually crashing with a bang.  The ignorance here is down right comical.  I would suggest Mr. Quigley learn a thing or two about hockey traditions (wikipedia isn’t exactly a well kept secret) before trying to write a piece about any hockey team, whether it be NHL or backyard boot hockey on the pond.  He claims to have hockey-experienced friends, you should try talking to them more than you have to get your point across.

And he finishes up with…

Who hates America now, Rob Otto? IF THAT’S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME!?!?!?!

I now await my Google pennies and nickels.

Go ahead and give him a few hits.  Click the link and give this guy what-for Hockeytown.  But before you do, there’s one last thing I’d be remiss NOT to do.

Dunce status confirmed.  Sorry to cover up those wonderfully crafted spikes, Al.