Angry ‘Hawks Fans


Stick tap to Twig for digging up dirt on the Chicago fan convention that took place a few weeks ago.  Blackhawk Zone is a ‘Hawk blog that shared with us some of the comments left after the convention on ticketmaster.

These are from Blackhawk fans, mind you…

Very disappointed was not what I expected at all. The lines were ridiculously long most lines were at least a 2 hour wait. Only 315 fans were guaranteed a big name player autograph if you won a scratch off ticket.

Also disappointed to catch my favorite player in the hall way to try to get an autoraph and he says ” I already signed my autographs” and walks through another door.

Classy players you got there.  Did he happen to be a short, cocky little f*** who was trying to catch a cab?  I doubt that someone like Tomas Kopecky A.) is someone’s favorite player and B.) is arrogant enough to pull some busch league crap like that with a fan.

The convention was anything but WORTH IT. The Blackhawks successfully alienated and disappointed a great number of NEW fans and OLD fans from ever wanting to attend another convention

Translation – a bandwagon fan who probably talked to a few other fans while waiting in line.  But this is person is OBVIOUSLY upset as can be see by the USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS.

Seems like this event has slowly gone down hill. I did not like their new wristband policy for getting autographs nor the lines that would form for the various Q/A sessions. I especially did not like the shutting off the doors to the ballrooms when sessions were “full”. It also seemed as if this event was over-sold.

There was approx. 1000 people downstairs in line to get wristbands to get an autograph from 3 players. They clearly overbooked the convention making it impossible to attend the activities that were offered. We spent $335 for 5 people ($55 plus fees) and got nothing out of it. We are season ticket holders and were very disgusted.

Probably should have spent that $335 on a PS3 or something for the kids…yikes.

Let me mention you need to wait an hour + in line for a WRISTBAND, that basically allows you to wait a few more hours in ANOTHER line… for an autograph of a lower key player. NOW, if and can afford to stay in the $230 a night hotel… You then get an opportunity to get Kanes, Toews, Keiths, Seabrooks, and Sharp’s (to name a few).

Locals are Fans too!!!! Disappointed the entire convention was set up with perks for hotel guest, they got the top players signature and galas.

More CAPS and exclamation points…which is indicative that this person REALLY MEANS what they say!!!!  Lower key players?  Aside from the few you mentioned, that’s pretty much everyone, isn’t it?

According to the author…there were 10+ pages of stuff like this.  And to think that the convention was supposed to be for the fans…