ANA 2, DET 1, TOR 1

The TV went off right after Toronto looked at that Duck swatting the puck out of the air into our net, and then telling us it was a good goal.

Again, I’m not proud of moments like that, but I wasn’t going to waste the use of my vocal chords by screaming about it…I simply went to bed.

The system is broken.

The puck bounced off of him and then he swatted at it?  You have got to be kidding me.  We have this room set up in Toronto equipped with TV monitors so that missed calls can be corrected…problem is, they’re not getting corrected.  How many times are we going to hear the “well, they’re right 99% of the time but…” argument?  It’s most certainly not 99% of the time anymore.

Get rid of the situation room if you’re going to make it so blatantly obvious that it doesn’t work.  We’re not the NBA, we’re not the NFL, this is the NHL and I don’t want your replay system anymore…not the one in current use, anyway.

We have a system where crease violations can get goals called off with no chance to redeem.  We have a system where “intent to blow” whistles stop plays while the puck is mid flight, with no chance to redeem.  And apparently, a player can now bat a puck out of mid-air with his glove and some idiot with a chip on his shoulder in Canada can tell us all that it’s a good goal. 

The system is broken…and it won’t be fixed.