Agreeing with Gary?

Has the world gone crazy when I actually agree with something Lil Gary Bettman says?

Bettman states that the Olympics shutdown costs the NHL money, disrupts the season, and has other issues including:

  1. The control the IOC asserts over rights and media access
  2. NBC’s terrible scheduling of Olympic matches on little brother networks that many people don’t even have access to
  3. The obvious risk of injury to its best players.

Before this Olympics, I wouldn’t have thought the risk of injury was all that great.  But after watching the preliminary games, my mind has been dramatically changed.  These boys are out to hurt each other.  When Bobby Ryan is cannon ball-ing Corey Perry (he won brownie points with me for that), something tells me that the Olympians really don’t give a hoot about who’s a teammate back in the NHL sandbox.

NBC’s coverage is absolutely horrible and everyone knows it.  What’s the solution?  Give it to VS?

The IOC is a bunch of politically correct-obsessive twits…as opposed to the hypocritical twits running the NHL right now.

So are there issues?  Of course there are.  Solutions?  Not so black and white.  And I hardly think Gary Bettman is the man to solve them.  Bottom line is that I think that the NHL players should be involved if you’re looking to find out who’s the best of the best (sorry, Mike Green).  And guess who agrees with me?

“It’s great for the league and hockey as a whole, a chance to showcase the best players in the world on a world stage.”–Nick Lidstrom

However, Gary’s not convinced that the Olympics does more good than harm to the NHL…and I just can’t say that I completely disagree with him.