About last night…

Well it’s over.   I’d love to post a pretty detailed recap of the game here, however, since I watched the game on Versus, they neglected to show most of it.

What a joke.  You don’t know how to televise a game after 4 years?  I know this is your B squad out on the west coast, but come on.  I heard the reffing was questionable again, but I didn’t get to see a single penalty on replay.  And oh yeah, tell your announcers to try to actually call the game, rather than just blabber on and attempt to use every terrible analogy possible.  I think their A squad is getting better (I enjoy watching MTL and Pittsburgh play, the energy from Mike Emrick is amazing and Darren Eliot doesn’t sh!t himself everytime he talks, which seems to be difficult for the San Jose VS announcers.)

Anyways, this elimination feels different than others in the past.  Usually, we crash and burn when we run into a hot goalie (see Edmonton), or when a team beats us by literally beating the hell out of us (see Ducks), or just a team that was fairly legitimate and simply came down to the wire with a little help from Uncle Gary.

I’d love to say San Jose was a better team throughout the series and they deserved to win, but I still don’t have that feeling.  They were OK, they have talent, but man do they have flaws.  But with the reffing the way it was, there was no flow to the series and no chance to really hate on anyone other than the refs.  I still daresay the Wings were better in this series, but a few mistakes cost the Wings and with the mountain they had to climb because of the reffing, it all was just a little too much.  I don’t think there is any conspiracy, I just think the NHL brass doesn’t have a clue how to teach the officials how to call the game.

Edit at 3:35PM: Matt over at On the Wings summed up my feelings for the Sharks perfectly…

This is the point where I would usually congratulate the Sharks and wish them luck in the next round. But, for various reasons, I can’t bring myself to do that. I will congratulate San Jose fans, however, for what looks like a team that can finally shake the choke label, even if at the cost of other labels that to my mind are worse. You guys seem like a decent group of fans and deserve to finally see some playoff success, even if your team is a gutless troupe of diving cheapshot artist pukes. I hope you get to experience sweet success while at the same time I hope your team gets swept in the third round. I’m conflicted.

There is going to be plenty of time for declaring that changes need to be made over the summer, so I won’t get into any of that right now.  But I do want to say a few last things about the series.

  • Howard had one rough game, but overall, he was spectacular in net.  He played well enough to win every night and the Wings couldn’t take advantage of that for various reasons.   Anyone saying otherwise is a liar and a whore. 
  • We had absolutely no secondary scoring this series, which really cost us.  I think one goal from Cleary, and every other one was from the top two lines and the D.  Losing Eaves hurt for sure, but really, lines 3 and 4 were just a mess overall.  
  • Helm, our namesake, had a terrible playoff.  I guess he’s due considering the past two years’ brilliance, but everytime he touched the puck he looked like a 15 year old touching a vagina for the first time.  
  • Zetterberg, Franzen, Datsyuk and Bertuzzi carried the team throughout this playoff. 
  • Lidstrom is coming back, he’s too good still not to. 
  • I’m sad. I’m sad that Val doesn’t shoot more.  I’m sad that Raffy refuses to look where to pass.  I’m sad when people beat up Homer for absolutely no reason.  
  • Happy is coming back.  That makes me happy. 
  • I hate Chicago and everyone in it.  Still, the Sharks are frauds.  If it is Chicago and SJ in the next round, I gotta say I think I’ll be going for the Blackhawks, simply because Jumbo Joe is a c-sucker who probably gives free mouthparties to his teammates for making him seem like he sucks less than he actually does.  
  • Still, after what we were looking at around Jan., second round isn’t so bad.  I’m proud of these guys for coming back and making this year something worthwhile. 
  • Jumping on the Bruins bandwagon now I think…


One last time.



About Last Night

People are actually whining about Zetterberg’s goal last night in regulation.  Whistle should have been blown?  Give us a break.

As I had mentioned yesterday, one of my friends turned out to be Budd Lynch’s grandson and so with about 5 minutes to play in the first period, my seating went from obstructed view, to suite.  Not only did I watch the second and third periods with a bunch of rowdy Canadians in Budd Lynch’s suite, but I got to have drinks between the periods here…

Recognize it?  I wouldn’t.  It’s the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Room across from the Olympia Club inside Joe Louis Arena.  Nice place…pictures don’t really do it justice, but I took these with my phone while trying to be as candid as I could (the guy in the right pic obviously knew what I was doing).

The rest of the game was seen from this view…

Free food, free drinks, Wings win…what more could a guy ask for? (Don’t answer that.)