Abdelkader is Better than Doan


I want to see #8 in white out there every time that I see #19 in…whatever color Phoenix’s home jerseys are (maroon?)  I want Babcock to say to him every time, “Okay, Abby…there’s your guy.”  And have him hop over the bench and skate right to him.  You want to bang our stars because you aren’t one in this league anymore, Shane?  That’s fine. We have a player with an actual future who might have something to say about it.

And he already is establishing himself as a better player than you…

Think Doan is a big body who uses it all the time?

Justin Abdelkader: 152 hits in 50 games played

Shane Doan: 188 hits in 82 games played

Oh…that’s right, he’s just a goon in the play-offs.

Justin Abdelkader: 1 NCAA Championship-clinching goals

Shane Doan: 0 NCAA Championship-clinching goals

…yeah I know that’s not a fair stat, but I don’t care.

This one can be used though:

Justin Abdelkader: 2 goals in the Stanley Cup Finals

Shane Doan: 0 goals in the Stanley Cup Finals

Bet you saw those on TV, Shane.  All-Star appearances?  You have one on Justin.  Olympic Medals?  Tied at zero.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think Abdelkader has had any run-ins with government officials for racial slurs against francophiles…but I’ll have to check.

So Shane, I’d like you to meet your match.