A True Orange Hat Wearing Fan Passes

Today, we lost a true Red Wings fan, the “orange hat guy.” A season ticket holder since 1972, he was shown at every Wings game, where he gave a quick wave to the fans with his orange hunting hat on.  This guy loved the blue collar part of the game, but moreso the fact that the Wings are winners:

“But I would have to say it’s both about the fact that they are the most famous American team in the National Hockey League — winning nine Stanley Cups, which is more than any other American team — and the speed of the skating and stick handling is really something to see,” Rucker said. “I’ve just loved being there at all of the games, since I was 25.”

It is a shame that most fans like him can’t afford to go to many games anymore and instead you have the suits like in Toronto that dominate the stands.  Last year in the playoffs, one my friends mocked me and Drew for wearing jerseys to the game.  “What are you, 14?” he asked.  How sad is that?  Sure this guy might have been one of those guys who had his polo tucked into his jeans, but still, I was stunned to even hear that.

Now looking around, Detroit is still full of jerseys and true fans.  But I bet if you go to other rinks, especially Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, etc., you are seeing less and less of this. And this is sad.

So here’s one to a true fan, “orange hat guy.”  RIP sir and of course, Let’s Go Red Wings.