A Trip Down Maltby Memory Lane

Maltby has been a Wing for as long as I can realistically remember.  I will always remember him as the team joker, an instigator on the ice and an invaluable member of the grind line.   Yet I had a hell of a time thinking of any individual moments of his that stood out for me, so I asked for some in the comments of the Maltby retirement post and here’s a few good ones.

Starting with teddywings, his memory is of one of Kirk’s biggest goals.

written by teddywings, October 12, 2010
my favorite maltby moment was when he scored in overtime against the oilers. I think it was the 06 playoffs. I remember how stressed out I was from that game and series and I just went ballistic when he threw the puck on net from the half boards and it went in.

D.M.N. believes he’ll always be known for shorties.  I think this is because of Malts excellent work on the PK over the years.

written by D.M.N, October 12, 2010

The last of the OG grindliners, for some reason I always correlate Malts with shorties, I know he doesn’t have a huge amount so maybe it was the timing with which they came…I don’t know, but Thanks for the memories Kirk, I’ll miss you.
Sully (who, from his spelling, is convinced he is Canadian) remembers one of the many, many times that Kirk goaded another player into a penalty. 
written by Sullyosis, October 12, 2010
I have many, but for some reason I remember some more clearly than others. I’ve referenced them before either here or at A2Y, but of my favourite Maltby Moments was during the 2002 run against the Avs. There was a penalty called after a whistle, something simple like an offsides that led to action as only Kirk could stir up. When they got back from commercial Gary Thorne and Bill Clement broke it down:

After the whistle, and after a very physical shift Maltby had drawn the ire of the Avs, as usual. On his way to the bench he took a different route, skating directly towards the neighborhood of Darius Kasparitas, whom he’d hit earlier that shift. Maltby headed drifted right for him but looked back at the faceoff circle over his shoulder, pretending not to know where he was going, taunting the Avs players enough to catch a close-line elbow move from Kaspar. Of course, the refs saw, called it, and Maltby sacrificed his jaw for 2:00 mins of PP time. Gary and Bill were quick to point out that it was all premeditated by Malts and that he’s one of the best in the game at ‘earning calls like these.’ I thought it was fantastic.

Twig loves him some Maltby trash talking.  By the way, I always thought it was the short and sort of stupid jabs, like this one, that always worked the best in hockey (and apparently in marriage).

written by Twig, October 12, 2010
i always liked how he would say “vacuum” to just about anyone on the other team at any given time. not sure why he did that, but the other guy usually got pissed and would take a minor penalty.

i went up to my wife and said “vacuum” to her and she took a swing at me. something about that word…

Our resident Chiropractor somehow remembers an incident with Craig Ludwig.  Most impressively, he remembers Craig Ludwig’s name and notes that Malts probably “assisted” on hundreds of power play goals. 

written by Orem Chiropractor – R. Ned McArthur, D.C., October 12, 2010

My favorite was the ’98 conference finals against Dallas and Craig Ludwig is pounding Malts into the boards, hitting him in the face, all trying to get Maltby to respond. He never did and they got the roughing penalty.

He was so great at getting the ire of another player and then becoming the “victim” of their brutality. It would be interesting to calculate how many goals we got through his career that will never show up on his stat sheet, from plays just like those that have been noted.

KT gives us a perfect example of Maltby being a joker.  FSD gave a camera to Maltby last year in Sweden and got some incredible moments. 

written by KT, October 12, 2010

This isn’t an on-ice moment, but I still love it. Have you guys seen the video Malts took while in Sweden last year? Hilarious. I think only Malts could get footage like that.
Great memories from one of the all-time great Red Wings.