A Smell of Wine and Cheap Perfume…

That was Red Wings hockey last night, folks.

Sure it got a little boring towards the middle, but if you remember, that’s what Red Wings hockey used to be all about.  Detroit would get the lead and then lock it down…completely.  It’s why teams used to absolutely hate playing against the Red Wings.  They would never get the puck.

Don’t worry about what other teams are doing as long as we keep winning.

Well, alright let’s see what the other Western Conference teams did last night…


Not a good night in terms of help from…thanks Ottawa, Florida, and Long Island.  But look at the snowman that the Sushi put up on Bubba…damn.  No big shake-ups in the standings…

But we are only one point out of seventh AND eighth place right now.  So all Detroit has to do is keep winning.  No way that both Nashville and Calgary stays hot for the entire stretch.  We just have to win one more game than either of these teams from here on out.