A Non-Analytical Look at Tonight’s Game

My love affair with Phoenix sees continuation today with my preview of the game against the team that, geographically speaking, I should be following:

Phoenix doesn’t have a great history against Detroit in terms of their record, but for the last few seasons all of our games have been close. Then there was that blown lead in the third period of a regular season game, which really pissed me off. And whether or not they end in extra time or penalty shots, it seems to be a slim margin and “anyone’s game still in the third” by which we win these games.

So yeah, I’ll recognize that this is a very dangerous opponent and we rarely “stomp” them, blow them out or, as is a more appropriate metaphorical phrase, “hit them doing 70 MPH and leave nothing but a mushy clump of fur on the side of the road.”

Here’s some useless trivia from the Official Preview:


Since the beginning of the 2006-07 season, Detroit has posted a 14-1-2 regular-season record versus Phoenix, including 7-0-1 at Joe Louis Arena”


It looks promising, doesn’t it? Shane Doan is back form suspension and looking to target unsuspecting players once again, so keep your heads up out there, kids.