A Near Purchase

So I was at the mall in Novi yesterday and I always make it a point to stop by DC Sports to see if they have any new and interesting Red Wings gear.  I was hoping to find some play-off gear, but instead I found this t-shirt…


And on the back…

Sorry about the lighting…that’s making my eyes water, myself.

Bad cell phone camera pictures aside, that’s a pretty cute idea.  I would have liked something like this for the Stanley Cup Finals the past two years…or would I?

I didn’t actually buy the shirt because I somehow got the feeling that doing would be furthering Crosby’s celebrity status.  It would almost feel like the $17.99 or whatever would be going right into his pocket.  I’m sure if you asked the kid, he’d say that it’s flattering to have a line of t-shirts just for him.  And I don’t want that.

Am I off base here?  Or is it worth buying a funny shirt just to make fun the guy?  I seriously had the thing in my hand before changing my mind and leaving the store.