Three out of four points on the weekend.winged_wheel

Not too bad, I guess.  Again I say, “would it have been different if we were completely healthy?”  Not sure about today’s game…Jimmy saved our bacon plenty of times.  Filppula missed a wide open net…wide-freaking-open.  That’s twice now in about a week that we’ve had golden opportunities to change games and haven’t been able to do capitalize.

Eaves has a wide open net while trailing 3-2 to Minnesota…post.

Filppula has a wide open net trialling 1-0 to Pittsburgh…nothing but air.

Bad puck luck?  Wrong players getting the opportunities?  Whatever it is, it sucks.  And it’s costing us points.  Patience, I say…patience.

Well as I write this, NJ is doing it’s job against LA (score watching sucks).  And hopefully, Philadelphia will give us some help tomorrow against Calgary.  Because the road ahead is tough before the Olympic break…

Sharks, Ducks, Kings, Blues, Sharks.

Five games in nine days.  Ten points up for grabs.  We play the Seafood and the Poultry on back to back nights on the Left Coast…that’s usually good for frustratingly long nights.

Along this recent slide that we’ve been on (3-3-4 in our last ten), we’ve managed to let Los Angeles and Phoenix slip away to four and five points ahead of us in the standings.  We’re setting ourselves up for a very stressful end of the season.

Remember, now, that Pittsburgh was 10th in the East at this point last year.  We’re only one better than that right now.  So by Valentine’s Day, we’re either headed for Vancouver with a good feeling about the run we have going, or we’re all going to be investing in Pepto for the big play-off push.