6 Days Remain


Well that was not a good weekend.  One out of a possible four points…it looks like that big red and white train with the winged wheels finally ran out of steam.  What run we had in March…but it’s over, it’s done with, time to get going again.

So Ozzie couldn’t be blamed for the fourth goal that turned out to be the game winner, but the others?  Bad.  Chalk it up to rust or whatever you want, but I have to say that Jimmy was in net yesterday, we probably would have won that game.  Ozzie was due a start, he tried his best.  Why didn’t you cover that puck on the third goal instead of waffleboarding it right to a Flyer, Chris?  Oh nevermind.  It’s in the past.  Hakuna matata.

I’d rather not hear any complaining about the officiating of last night’s game.  Was it terrible?  Yeah, probably.  Did Philly get away with some stuff?  Yeah, probably.  But what we don’t really get a chance to see very often, is that is exactly the way the Flyers play game in and game out.  Why do you think everyone hates them in the Eastern Conference?  Because they’re the Anaheim Ducks of the East.  Same exact “they can’t call them all” mentality.  Don’t worry though, that team isn’t making the Finals this year so we won’t be seeing them again until next season.

Too bad that was one of the games we had in-hand on Nashville.  Down two points and only one less game played.  We have three to go; two against the BJ’s and one against our little brothers.  Nashville has a very intriguing match-up with Phoenix on Wednesday and finish the season against the Blues.

If we’re to have any shot at making that #5 spot in the West, we need to take both games against Columbus…Rick Nash be damned.  Nashville will probably win both games unless Phoenix feels like playing us in the first round.  Is it out of the realm of possibility that they “rest up” some keys guys for that game against the Preds on Wednesday?  They’d never admit to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if “Smashville” doesn’t see the Yotes’ A-game.

Two wins against Columbus and it will all come down to next Sunday in Chicago.  One last chance to push our little brothers down the stairs as a reminder of who’s boss around here…just blame it on the dog, right, Chunk?