Well, I’d like to apologize for perhaps ruining the whole ‘I See 43’ results by posting each and every one of the 43’s that Creasemonkey saw at the Honda Center…perhaps the best way to go about all of those would have been to make it all one giant post.  So for all of you who got burnt out by all of that…I am sorry.  But, like I said, there won’t be anymore Honda Center pics from here on out and like Forest Gump trekking across American, since we’ve come this far…we might as well keep going.  Here’s another one from Beanie sent on March 8th:

pottering on the old redwings forum, in search of pictures, I found this


 Zoomed in a little…

NOHS regular Lauren H. in the last post said that she believes finding ’43’ amidst other numbers, such as ‘Section 439’ and such shouldn’t count…the identical sentiment was shared with me by my fiance just last week as I was driving home from hockey on Wednesday night.  Not sure how I feel about it, but it doesn’t matter for this one since when you say the time aloud you actually have to say “forty-three”.  An obscure find, but a valid one in my book.