350 Miles

I apologize for my complete lack of posting yesterday.  No, I’m not taking the Olympics off.  There’s still plenty of stuff I can come up with to keep you mooks (relatively) entertained until the Wings play again in March.

Yesterday was a long day.

It started out great.  I left the house at about 6:15 AM as per usual, but instead of heading up US23 North, I hopped on I-96 East and headed to downtown Detroit.  I drove right up to the Gordie Howe entrance and pulled into the player parking lot at Joe Louis Arena.  There, my insider buddy was waiting for me.  I was a little late because people were driving like idiots the whole way down.  But nevertheless, we hit the ice and skated from 7:00 to about 9:00.  I usually do this on a couple Friday mornings a month, but the Friday skates have been to crowded so I decided to head in on Tuesday.

Upon leaving JLA, I received a text from “The Future Mrs. Nightmare on Helm Street”, telling me that she is extremely ill and is heading into the doctors for some tests (for the second time in just a few days).  The last time she went to the doctors, things got dicey and she was stranded there waiting for a friend to come pick her up (she lives just outside of Grand Rapids).  So, being the good fiance that I am, I drove all the way from Detroit to Grand Rapids to be with her when she went in to see the doctors.

We sat around and waited (as people tend to do at medical centers).  The TV was apparently “stuck” on CNN with no way to change the channel.  Turns out that what I wanted to watch (the USA hockey game) wasn’t on any available channel anyway, so I simply sat and kept pushing the refresh button on my phone to get the scoring updates.

A bunch of needle pokes, filled blood vials, and various other tests later, they finally let me drive the poor thing home…with no answers to the questions we went in there for.  Seeing as I had to take yesterday off of work, I couldn’t stay in Grand Rapids and had to drive all the way back home last night where I promptly collapsed into bed.

Total miles driven yesterday…approximately 350 total.  Here’s the google map:

There’s a ‘D’ marker behind the ‘A’ signifying where my journey finally ended, more than 16 hours after it had began.  You can see I got to see many of the beautiful sights along I-96 more than once as I did a lot of backtracking to and fro.

Anyway,  I am sitting here waiting for the blood sugar, anemia, thyroid, and other test results to come in.  I’m hoping that it just turns out to be stress and bad genes (she has a very sickly family).

Just thought you’d like to know, that the lack of posts was not deliberate.  Sometimes, you just have to put family first.  Well the morning skate at the Joe was all about me, I’ll admit that.  But the rest of it was for her.