3/29 Games to Watch

Not much action as we all probably have our first full day work/school after a glorious H2H weekend.  For all of those who did not attend, make arrangements next year, no matter what the cost.

Here are the three games being played tonight in the Western Conference…

  • NSH vs FLA – This is obviously a no-brainer.  We’re only one point behind Nashville and they refuse to get on an even keel with us in games played.  If they lose this game in regulation, we’ll be only one point behind with two games in-hand. GO PANTHERS
  • LAK vs MIN – As much as it pains me to root for a team supported by Pinky, this is a pretty easy call as well.  With Los Angeles having a game-in hand on us and being a single point back (basically the bizzaro NSH situation), we need Pinky’s Wild to take out the Kings, in regulation.  Hope we made them angry at H2H.  GO WILD
  • DAL vs ANA – This game doesn’t mean much.  Neither of these teams are going to catch us in the standings.  Thank the lord, we won’t have to go through another “they can’t call them all” series against the Ducks.  But I do hate Perry and Getzlaf more than I hate Ott and Ribiero. Go Stars (no need to capitalize).

Tonight’s going to be a rough one for me.  I took last week off from basically all physical activity which means that Chris Tamer is probably going to beat the crap out of me at our workout session tonight (not literally, as happened to many NHL players–look him up).

Here’s hoping that Dan Cleary’s concussed groin heals up and fully.  I know he’s not playing tomorrow as a precaution, and I can’t say I disagree with that call.

…and I thought that finding ONE movie poster with “Edmonton” or “Oil” was tough…now I have to do another one.