2010 UFA’s: Defensemen

Holy smokes, talk about a saturated market…check out this monster list:

  • Lidstrom is at the top
  • Lebda/Lilja are near the middle
  • Janik is at the bottom

So Detroit ran the gamut for their defensive core this year.  But we already know that Brett Lebda A.) isn’t playing for Detroit and B.) Thinks he’s worth too much to play in the KHL…well, hopefully “The American” finds a job somewhere.  He’s from Chicago…would that move be too obvious?  We’ll see.

Seriously, there’s like 50 defensemen available and I doubt we can really afford any of the good ones.  We already signed the crown jewel, what more do we need?

Possible defensive pairings (with what we have already):




If Meech re-signs…you figure two of those four could make it on the 3rd pairing, right?  Let’s see what happens with Brendan “House Party Fight” Smith this year as well.  Not too sure we could afford to make a big splash in the D-man market (not for lack of choices).  It’s a Cap world, ladies and gents.

What do you think?