2 Games, 4 Points, No Problem


Well, we can’t argue with the results, now can we?

We took 4 out of 4 possible points while scoring 10 goals in the process.  We laid the smack down on Bubba on Friday and took care of the “high and mighty” Blackhawks yesterday.  According to Pierre, we’re going to make the play-offs because we won that game yesterday.  Had we lost, the Douche Canoe was thoroughly convinced that Detroit was done like dinner.  No matter.  We won.

But how many of you watched the entire game?  How many of you saw Lebda over-skate that puck, watched Filppula put that perfect pass right on Andrew Ladd’s skate and say, “You know what?  If this is how they’re going to play, I’m not going to waste my afternoon”?

Admittedly, I did.  But only for a short while.  Something compelled me to turn the game back on.  And do you know why?  Two words: Cristobal Huet.  There’s something about Chicago having that guy in net that fills me with a sense of…calm.  Like we always have a chance to crack him wide open for a few goals.  I would imagine that is how most other teams in the NHL feel about Detroit when it’s late in a game and Detroit has the lead.  But as long as Huet was in net, I feel like Detroit still had a chance to come back.

He didn’t dissapoint.

Now, I did miss the Kandy Kane goal getting called back.  I heard that it was pretty weak.  But remember the Franzen goal that got called back in Colorado?  Same scenario.  Would have made the game 3-0 and probably would have broken the game wide open.  The goal gets disallowed and momentum changes.  Karma’s a b*tch when it comes back and you didn’t even have anything to do with it.

After the Wings netted the fourth against Huet, it looked like Coach Q was about to rip off his own mustache and smother poor Cristobal with it.  The Filppula goal was hardly his fault, but none the less, Huet got the hook and they threw in Niemi.  Wasn’t long before good old “Twenty Cent” gets stripped by Pavel Datsyuk who didn’t have anyone within in a country mile of him when he walked in and beat the Chicago back-up.  Enjoy the “L” for that one, Niemi.

Detroit actually excecuted the “bend but don’t break” strategy successfully in both third periods on the weekend.  Sure, the Chicago game got a little too close for comfort yesterday, but the point is that they held both teams off and won.  Failing to bend without breaking is something that was the bane of Detroit’s existince for most of this season.

And thank 8 lbs, 12 oz baby Jesus that they did hold on to both leads because we didn’t get much help with the Flames over the weekend.  The Devils failed to stop them and Minnesota let Iggy score a hatty yesterday.  No help at all.  But the good news is that Bubba lost to the ‘Nucks yesterday, tightening up the race even further.  Here’s what 7th, 8th, and 9th place looks like right now in the West.

Think that game tomorrow night at the Joe is a big one against the Flames?