2 Corvettes & a Pinto

I can’t recall who came up with the nickname, but for me, The Draper-Helm-Eaves Line has been called the “Little Red Corvettes Line” for most of the season now.  Great straight-away speed and handles well in corners…is there a better description/metaphor?  This line has been our most consistent line all season long.  And now, they’re being broken up, thanks to Danny Cleary’s groin.

The Free Pressis reporting that Derek Meech will step in and play with The Namesake and Patrick Eaves tonight against the Oilers.  The move makes some sense, because Miller and Williams desperately needed a natural center.


Patrick Eaves seems to think pretty highly of Meech:

“It’s huge for us to have him.  He brings a lot of speed, and he can hit hard and shoot the puck. He’s tenacious. He really helps our line. We’re very fortunate he can step in and not miss a beat.”

Brings lots of speed?  Hits hard?  Shoots the puck?  Have we seen him do any of these things all that well this year?  I wouldn’t say that Meech is slow, I don’t recall him hitting any one in particular, and his shot doesn’t seem like anything to be feared.  But I suppose you could say that about most 4th line forwards / 7th or 8th defensemen in the NHL.  Meech plays his best games when you don’t really notice him out there…kind of like Lija.

“Attitude is everything.  He’s making the best of a situation that at times hasn’t been very positive for him. Would he like to play 20 minutes a night and play on the D every night? He would, and ideally one day it’ll work out. … But right now to help us, that’s not his role, but he’s been positive all the time, even when he doesn’t play.”–Mike Babcock

Well, a good attitude goes a long way with me.  So I’m not going to judge this move until I see the results out on the ice this evening.  Just try to keep up, Derek…ok?