Lineup vs Stars

winged_wheelChris Osgood goes for win numero 400 today.  Usually, Dallas at the Joe would mean an automatic win.  But now that Marty Turco is gone and the refs started cheating for the Stars, who knows what’s going to happen.

What Khan(!) does know, is that the lines that Babcock changed during…that game that we’re not going to talk about…are going to remain entact for today’s contest.

Abdelkader-Filppula-Hudler (Eaves rotating)

bulluterusSo basically….

  • Mule who was invisiible against Chicago gets promoted to the top line.  Everyone plays better with Datsyuk – so Franzen better get things going.
  • Zetterberg gets the boot from the Flying Circus.  Z couldn’t be dropped to the third line and has had success with Danny before, so why not?
  • Filppula gets dropped to the third line…hasn’t done anything to deserve it, but else are you going to do with him?
  • Oh and please don’t sit the only guy who managed to get on the scoreboard against the Hawks.

The Wings are going sideways right now, sliding into a 3-4-1 record over their last eight games.

We have two points of the possible six in this little five game stretch.  So now I won’t be satisfied by anything less than six out of ten.

I want three wins in the next three games and it starts today.

And let’s get the ‘W’ for Osgood…because it will piss off all the haters having THAT feather in our Ozzie Cap.