Tomorrow’s Lineup vs Seafood


That’s how many powerplays that San Jose received in the first two games against Detroit in their second round matchup.


That’s twice as many powerplays as San Jose received in the ENTIRE series against Chicago in the Western Conference Finals.

Ridiculous.  Especially considering Detroit is, and has been for decades, one of the least penalized teams in all of the NHL.  But I’m not bitter.  Ok…I am still very, very bitter about those two games.  Of course, some nancy-boy would like to tell you that Detroit had (up to) five more games to turn the series around…but I’d love to see any team rebound from that kind of punishment (from the officials).  All of the mainstream media people were “so surprised” at how easily San Jose fell to Little Brother in the WCF – especially after “handling Detroit with relative ease”.  What they didn’t say is that the entire series was wrought full of close games in which San Jose had an almost laughable advantage in terms of powerplay oportunities.

Detroit would have beaten Chicago last year had they met in the Conference Finals – I just know it.  But Johnny Referee did all he could to stop that from happening…and he succeeded.

Tomorrow we take the ice against the Seafood for the first time since we were ousted last spring.  It’s payback time and the Free Press has the forward lineup:





No changes on defense.  But Ozzie is close to returning and may even back-up Jimmy Howard tomorrow.  Also close to returning, is veteran Kris Draper.  Jimmy gets the start tomorrow, but someone else (either Ozzie or MacDonald) will be between the pipes on Saturday.


Anyone else want some sushi tomorrow?