You’re a Hack, Deal with it.

Poor Buddha.  He just simply did not know what was coming to him by posting an un-provoked call-out of the Chief at A2Y yesterday.  I’m guessing that our poor, misguided, pinky ring brandishing, Molson drinking, Judge Smails hat-wearing friend was going to have yet another post that flew under the radar like most of his substandard writing. 

What he got was an epic comment driven beatdown.

I think it’s quite telling of just how badly we got to this guy by his next post.  Apparently, it’s getting quite chilly in the Hockey Wilderness.

He has resorted to this:

“Again, never said I was unhappy with your readers, nor your fans. I did say they are conspiracy theorists, but your readers seem to be proud of that. It likely comes from all of those years working at the Ford plant. Oh wait, that closed? Sad. Maybe the GM plant, then. That closed too? Oh. Well maybe it is from the fumes of dead bodies laying around in parking ramps for weeks at a time.”

This was posted just days after claiming that someone else was dragging down the accolades of “professional bloggers” like he claimed to be.  Pathetic.  That has to be one of the most un-professional things to joke about in economic situation that many of us have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

If he does have credentials, if he does have access, I seriously am considering submitting that quote to someone in the Wild organ-i-zation to see that they get revoked post haste.

I know we usually don’t support boosting hit counts for such things, but I again encourage all of you to go over there and give him what for.

Make fun of the Red Wings?  Fine.  Make fun of the Chief?  Not cool.  Resort to Pittsburgh troll-like insults when you’re up against the ropes and make light of the hardship facing the place of my birth?  It’s on now, mother-effer.