We Injure Numerous Guys Simultaneously

It’s been a season of turmoil.  The Red Wings are winning, but keep losing players faster than winged_wheelthe Phoenix franchise is losing money.

We win against Chicago, Franzen is injured.

We fought back for a loser point from Edmonton, Filppula gets broken

We sucked as usual against Toronto, Williams falls.

We win against Montreal, and Kronwall gets clipped.

We play like crap against St. Louis, Cleary gets nailed.

We win against Anaheim and surprisingly, no one was hurt.

We win against Nashville, Helm goes down.

We win against Phoenix, Ericsson gets banged up.

First it was Johan Franzen, whom everyone expected to lead our team in goals this season.  I was thinking 40+.  He has an awkward collision with a Chicago player and BOOM; out at least until after the Olympics, though one Swedish doc is saying he should play it safe and sit out the whole season.  It’s a terrible thought for this year…but remember Bobby Orr’s knee?  Remember?  At least we beat Chicago…again.

Then came Valterri Filppula, amidst a valiant comeback against the Swine Flu infected Oilers, Val took what I thought was a cheap shot from Gilbert Brule (yeah, what a goon) and broke his wrist.  He’s the next player due back (pending results on Ericsson and Helm). Who knows how long it will take the Finnish wonder to get back on track.  Maybe just the fact that he’ll be on the ice will somehow shake fellow Finn Ville Leino out of his slumber, who knows?  We lost that Edmonton game in a shootout.

And then there was Jason Williams, who was slightly underachieving as far as points were concerned, but certainly overachieving in terms of defensive prowess while playing the the right point on the second power-play unit.  He fell awkwardly against Toronto during another stinker in the Air Canada Center and broke his leg.  He shouldn’t be out too much longer, hoping for sometime in January.

Did you see Georges Laraque?  He tomahawks Helm in the face and then sticks his big stupid knee out and there goes Kronwall.  I still think that the “repeat offender” classification, which is vague as can be to begin with, should state that these cement heads should sit as long as they player they injure is forced to.  So Kronwall sprains his knee (and we’re damn lucky it was just a sprain) and his out until at least the early days of 2010.  At least we won the game in a shootout, right?

While skating to yet another 40+ shot, zero goal effort against St. Louis, Barret “I never should have won Rookie of the Year over Zetterberg” Jackman decides to lay out Dan Cleary and separate his shoulder.  Cleary should be ready in less than two weeks now, but losing everyone’s favorite Newfy was heartbreaking.  Cleary, no matter how bad the rest of the team is playing, will always give that 110%.  Well that’s gone now, at least for a while.

The Wings, despite all of the injuries and the crap-tastic offensive showing scattered throughout the first 29 games, somehow find a way to win against a much less goonish Anaheim Ducks.  Perry tries to hurt people with an elbow and a few punches, but he fails.  Bert is the hero of the night.

I don’t know what happened to Helm against Nashville.  But something happened to his wrist that shouldn’t have happened.  We still don’t know how serious it is.  Bert was the hero in OT again.

And finally Shane Doan takes a run at Ericsson and in yet another awkward collision, Big Rig’s knee pretends that he’s Gumby…Johnny’s skeletal structure didn’t approve of the impersonation.  Ericsson laid there basically motionless while the ‘Yotes enjoyed their pseudo man-advantage.  They scored on the play, but fell short on the final scoreboard.

What an impressive array of injuries.  Basically, these are top 6 forwards and possibly top 4 defenseman on every other team in the NHL.  But for the Red Wings?  They’re now reduced to nothing more than roster spots to fill and distant promises of glorious returns.

No one in the league but Detroit would be able to weather this storm…and I mean no one.