Wings Holiday Hockey Love

I just wanted to throw a quick link up here to something that is pretty impressive happening over at the king of Detroit blogs, A2Y.

Herm, owner of, is a huge Red Wings fan, obviously located in hockey-mad Brazil.  He’s a constant participant over at A2Y and on many Wings blogs and has a consistent following on his blog.  I’m guessing he’s the only Wings blogger writing in Portuguese.  But he lives and dies for the Wings just like the rest of us.  Here’s a interview with him over at Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle.  My favorite part of the interview:

“The best moment is probably the empty-netter by Brendan Shanahan, and him and Steve Yzerman copulating on the ice after it. Awesome. Awesome.”

But there is a few things he hasn’t experienced.  He’s never been to a Wings game.  He’s never been to the United States.  He’s never even met another Red Wings fan.  But the folks over at A2Y are trying to change that.  They’ve started a donation pool to bring him to the US for a weekend and get him to a game.

So you can say Wings fans are arrogant, you can say we are profane, you can say a lot of things, but you can’t say that that Wings fans aren’t some of the best people around.  So head to A2Y and donate here.

The Wings should really pick this up themselves and promote the hell out of it.  Strangers helping a total stranger fulfill a dream of seeing a Wings game…it is a hell of story.