The Results are in…

We have concluded the very first N.O.H.S. sidebar survey. The votes are tallied. The results are in.

The Question was should Abdelkader spend 1 more season in Grand Rapids?

Here are the final results.

No – We need him now
19 (22%)
Yes – No need to rush
17 (20%)
Partial – Let him get some time with both
49 (57%)
Abadabba-who? (shame on you)
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 85
Poll closed

So more than half of you think that Abbadabbadoo should split time between clubs. Fair enough. I could see this happening, depending on what moves Kenny decides to make between now and September.

I’m actually a little surprised to see there were more people that think he should play with the Wings all season than those who thought he needs at least another season with the Griffs to mature.

And not one smart-ass who voted for the “who?”.