The Real Reason Swedish Kids Behave

So the Free Press invaded the home of our own St. Nick and snapped some photos of his holiday decor.

Most of the pictures showcase Lidstrom’s beautiful home, blonde children, and extravagant holiday decorations like this…


But when we take a closer look at the fire place, we come into contact with something truly bizzare and quite frankly, a little scary…


Now I’m not expert, but these must be the Swedish Christmas Gnomes that are fabled to attack little yellow-haired children that have been naughty all year.  Imagine finding one of these guys in your closet.  No wonder most Swedes are mild mannered and humble.

Even King Lidas looks a little creeped out by these things…

So is this relevant to hockey?  Not really.  But all I’m reading today is the predictable “Chicago blanks Detroit” crap.  When I find some intelligent Red Wings related news, I’ll post it.  But I’m not talking about this past weekend anymore, I already told you that.

Besides, who could ever get sick of looking at Lidstrom’s ridiculous house?