The Morning Quote: Ville Leino

From the Free Press this morning…

“Lots of things have gone a little bit wrong.  We haven’t been winning as a group, either, and have a lot of injuries. … It’s all about mental toughness in this league. You just want to try to get through and do your best and hopefully it gets you tougher.”

Well…they won as a group with you on Sunday, Ville.  But I don’t mean to rag on the guy.  As someone commented yesterday, we were loving the “Two Finns and a Williams” line early on in the season.  In fact, I believe many (myself included) thought that they were the best line in Stockholm and early on when Z and Pasha were trying to find their groove.

Patience, little brothers and sisters.  Maybe when #51 and 29 return to the lineup, so to will the Ville we saw early this season.

I think the morning quote will be a good way to start the days going forward…hard to screw up a simple copy and paste even when you haven’t had your morning coffee and you’re tired because your Men’s League game didn’t start until 10:30 last night.