The Airing of Grievences

From the Free Press…This is all legit Seinfeld-esque “Airing of Grievences” in recognition of Festivus:

Chris Osgood on Jimmy Howard and Kirk Maltby

“I have a grievance against Jimmy for calling me five times a day. It’s like I have three kids– two daughters, and a really old and immature son. He has his own dad, he has a grandpa. I’d like to see him call them more and me less. And Maltby, I mean, his lips are always flapping — just non-stop. I wish he’d get a muzzle.”

Leino on Maltby and Kris Draper

“I’m disappointed with Malts because he is just so grumpy every day, it really, really bugs me. Every day I come in and he’s grumpy. And Drapes, my grievance with him is he cheats at all the games he plays, like two-touch soccer and anything else.”

Draper on Henrik Zetterberg

“I use these softballs to get your hips and glutes loose, right? I’m the one who brought them into the dressing room. And you know what happens to them? Henrik Zetterberg steals all of them.”

Maltby on Draper, Osgood and goalie coach Jim Bedard

“Well, my disappointment is with Ozzie and Drapes and Jim Bedard, because any time I make a comment about something on TV, whatever we’re watching, news or something about a celebrity, I get a nickname. Like I say something about swine flu, and they call me Dr. Gupta. Or I say something about a movie star, and I’m with ‘Access Hollywood,’ I can’t say anything around them.”

Howard on Osgood

“First of all, it’s not true I call Ozzie five times a day, so that’s my first grievance. My second grievance to air is also about Ozzie, because I really wish he’d get a shirt or something and stop walking around the locker room naked.”

That’s frickin’ hilarious.  Now focus and beat the Blackhawks tonight.  A loss for Chicago, and a Festivus for the rest of us…