Thank You, San Jose

Thanks to our Seafood friends from San Jose beating Dallas 4-2 last night, Detroit is still currently occupying a play-off spot…

The Red Wings have 4 games at or near home before embarking on another grinding West Coast trip.  Tomorrow we play bandwagon favorite Chicago, and then a home and home against the struggling Columbus Blue Jackets before facing the Avalanche at home. 

Hopefully, by the time the team heads to Phoenix on the second day of 2010, we’ll have Filppula, Zetterberg, Cleary, and maybe even Williams back in the lineup.  Until then, it’s point-preservation mode.  Anything we get with the lineup we’re icing is a bonus.

How sweet would it taste to steal one from the “high and mighty” Blackhawks tomorrow?  That would shut up all the bandwagon buffoons and send them back scurrying under the fridge.