Thank You, Hurricanes

Sweet Carolinawinged_wheel

<oh, oh, oh>

8th place never felt so good…

<so good, so good, so f***-ing good!>


Thanks to the Hurricanes 5-3 victory over the Dallas Stars last night, Detroit still clings to that coveted final spot in the Western Conference play-off race.  Sure, it’s still too early to be excited about being in the top 8, but maybe, just maybe, the Red Wings can find a way to stay there for the next 40+ games and let us get off of these pins and needles.

When is the last time you paid attention to how the Leastern Conference teams were doing against the Bestern Conference?  I have a co-worker who is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and he and I can now agree that we won Toronto to win every game for the rest of the year, especially against Western Conference teams because Detroit is through playing them.

So whenever an East Team plays a West Team, it’s “go, East, go!”

I’m still happy about the “Triage Trio” getting on the ice yesterday.  Early stages, maybe, but it’s a sign of good things to come.