Shut Out Again

What the hell is going on with this team?

Pavel Datsyuk was a Hart Trophy Candidate, he is not looking like it this year.

Even with Franzen, Filppula, Williams, and Kronwall out…there is no excuse for a shutout being a common occurence for this team.  Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…

So far in 2008-2009

12/9/09 – STL – 2-0

11/27/09 – CGY – 3-0

11/25/09 – ATL – 2-0



4/12/09 – CHI – 3-0 

3/27/09 – NYI – 2-0

2/28/09 – NSH – 8-0


2/17/08 – DAL – 1-0 

12/31/07 – STL – 2-0





2/8/07 – STL – 1-0




Never Shut out

Bad puck luck?  Last night was just bad execution, poor decisions, and lack of focus from an overwhelming majority of the top players we have left.  Sure King Lidas hit a couple posts and we had ANOTHER F***ING GOAL TAKEN AWAY, but we should have won that game anyway.

They came out flat-footed for every single period. How does that happen?  Do you need Draper to kick you in the rear end every 20 minutes?  Zetterberg and the two bottom lines were trying to make the thing work last night, but Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Bertuzzi, and even Danny Cleary looked like they just didn’t care all that much…not enough to do what’s necessary to win, anyway.

And Cleary went down late in the game.  I haven’t had the “courage” to look up what happened to him.  Last night was a farce and I am very, very angry about it.

And since when does our powerplay suck?

Rant over.