Serious Questions…


That was the main question last night’s game had me asking a whole F-load of times. I’ll start out with a heavy one.

  • Why is there no God? (Lebda is our #3 defenseman with the Big Rig hurt…but don’t think about that if you are around sharp objects or neighborhood pets.)
  • Why would you let a team with absolutely no offensive players left dominate you offensively?  Patrick O’Sullivan???  Really?
  • Why would you sit Eaves when everyone else on lines three and four have no offensive ability whatsoever (minus Helm)? Why sit him ever actually?
  • Why Jimmy, do you remind me more and more of Two-Face?  Every damn shot he’s flipping the coin to find out if  he’s our Harvey Dent, doing whatever he can to save our team from the bottom of the league, or…uh (I guess he’s the same guy) Harvey Dent after having his girlfriend blown-up.  Pissed at the world and hoping to create chaos in the Wings net.  I not only could have, would have stopped two of the four last night.

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s fair!”
  • Also Jimmy, what the hell is this?  Explain yourself…
  • Why is Meech in the NHL?  Could you have been worse defensively and offensively? Are you good at anything?  And why is it guaranteed that you will become an All-Star next season when we let you go on waivers this upcoming Tuesday?

Two things that don’t surprise me – Meech getting destroyed and empty seats in Atlanta.

  • Why doesn’t Bertuzzi play like that every game?  For a period and a half, he was our best player.  I want to give him more praise, but I’m nervous that either TTD Tyler and 17 of the 19 over at A2Y will lynch me for being a terrorist supporter.
  • Why can I not figure out how to get rid of that damn Penguin in our address bar?  I blame him for everything.
  • Why did Datsyuk look human last night?
  • Why did Babbles change the line-ups just as they looked like they were getting it going?
  • “Why do Koala Bears have to be so far away from me?  They are so f’ing cute.  We need to ship a few over so I can hold one, and pat it on its head.”

Another day, another game tomorrow…