Wings Zone Analysis

From dedicated hours of watching and studying games, analysing Corsi, drinking Jamison, and learning criminal statutes in class (seriously, that sh!t is interesting), I’ve been able to come up with a chart below which shows where each Wings earns (or doesn’t earn) their paycheck.

Click for a full size image.

What does this tell us?  Well two things.  First, paint is fun.  More fun then outlining.  Damn, it’s already 11:00.  I can’t pull off posts at 3:46 AM like Tyler and the Cheif always do.

Second, it shows that we are really missing a threat from the middle of the ice.  Johan can score from there, (speaking of which, there was some scary report from Sweden in the comments of A2Y somewhere saying he might be out for the entire season…if you ever thought about murder-suicide, well, just saying…the devilish lawyer wants me to write that I waive all liability here, but that’s ridiculous and nerdy.  But seriously, I do. ) but really, who else on the Wings?  Last year, we had Hossa, Hudler and Sammy (yeah, damnit, I have to admit, I miss the ridiculous, random shots of his that went in…) who could snipe from that area.

This year?  All of the goals are either ridiculously pretty or Mike Recci ugly.  I haven’t seen too many skate down the Wing, cut to the middle and snipe goals from this squad.  Now I do think that Williams has the potential to bring a little more of this type of scoring to the table, but Fancy Filppula isn’t a shooter. It really makes me realize that maybe we shoulda gave a minimum contract to Shanny after all. This was his meal ticket for his entire career and could still pull it off last season. Just thinking out loud.

Finally, today was the official retirement of Darren McCarty.  He defined everything about Detroit and Michigan.  Nobody meant more to the team in getting over the 42 year drought to bring the cup to Detroit in ’97.  Here’s to you Darren, one of the greatest Wings of all time.