PuckDaddy at it Again

This, from Ryan Lambert at PuckDaddy

And finally, what was going through Ken Holland’s head when he let Marian Hossa walk, and then replaced him with Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi? Keeping the team together is important, I guess, but you can’t know you’re going to let a 40-goal guy go and not have some sort of contingency plan. That blunder is a huge reason they’re 10th in the West right now.

It’s not a blunder, you moron.  Ask Gary why we had to replace Marian Hossa. He chose to walk away because we couldn’t fit his desired salary under Gary’s Cap.  Hossa is getting $5.275 million per year in Chicago.  Williams and Bertuzzi combined make just over half of that amount at $1.5 each.  We chose to keep Franzen over Hossa.  Look at their play-off numbers last season and tell me we made the wrong choice.  Will Williams and Bertuzzi both reach 20 goals?  Unlikely.  But will Hossa hit 40 again this year?  Unlikely.  Do some research before you go shooting off at the mouth.  This story has been played out, and by people who did a lot more research than you, Lambert.

What we Learned:

Detroit Red Wings: As if we needed more proof that even when the Red Wings suck, that’s when they’re most dangerous — it took them 175:57 to break their scoreless streak (the team’s longest since 1977), but when they did, they scored three goals in the third period and won 4-3 in a shootout.

It appears that the only compliments that (current) Red Wings can get from PuckDaddy is always accompanied with the back of their hand…sounds like he’s in pain even writing it.

This is why I don’t usually read PuckDaddy.