Pointless Preview: 12/9 vs St. Louis Blues

Category #1: Proposed 3rd Jerseys

 St. Louis:


These were about to make their debut in 1996, before being vetoed by then coach, Mike Keenan who vowed that the team would never wear these.  Good call, Mike.


Only team aside from Montreal and New Jersey to refrain from the marketing ploy since the lockout.

 Winner: Detroit

 Category #2: Scotty Bowman

 St. Louis:

 Scotty lead the expansion team to the Stanley Cup Finals in each of their first three seasons.  They were swept all three times; first by the Montreal Canadiens in 1968 and 1969 and then by the Boston Bruins in 1970.  After a losing season in ‘70-’71 (the first in his career), Scotty left Missouri behind him.


 That’s right, last time St. Louis made the SCF, color film was just around the corner.


Scotty led the Wings to its first Stanley Cup in 42 years by sweeping the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. As you know, Detroit repeated as champs by sweeping the Washington Capitals in 1998 Finals.  Bowman backed the Wings to one more Cup in defeating the Carolina Hurricanes 4 games to 1. He publicly announced his retirement from coaching after the presentation of Lord Stanley’s Cup. He is second only to Jack Adams in wins as a coach for the Red Wings.


Winner: Detroit

Category #3: We Couldn’t Win With Wayne


Wayne was traded to St. Louis during the 2005-2006 season.  He wanted to go to either St. Louis or the New York Rangers, but St. Louis met his salary demands.  He never clicked with the Golden Brett and Mike Keenan actually had the courage to criticize him publicly.  After giving up the puck to #19 on the play that would become known as “the shot”, he realized his mistake and jetted for New York in the off-season.



Admittedly, Detroit was a location in which Wayne and his father always wanted him to play.  For whatever reason, it never materialized.  Oh well.

Winner: St. Louis

Category: We Have the Strangest Looking Goalie Ever

St. Louis: Chris Mason


Detroit: Chris Osgood


He’s good enough for Kristen Bell.

Winner: St. Louis

Tie-Breaker Category: Google Image Search [Team Name} + Girl

St. Louis:


No joke, it’s one of the first choices.




Winner: Detroit

Prediction: Just to show you that the last prediction was a complete fluke.  I am going to do the exact same thing just to disprove myself.  I’m saying 5 goals are scored tonight.  Paper clips say: St. Louis wins 4-1.


I’ll be in attendance tonight and getting my free Coke Zero and hot dog.