Pointless Preview: 12/5 vs New Jersey Devils

Category #1: Could be an Adult Film Star


New Jersey: Johnny Oduya…the name says it all.



Detroit: Jimmy Howard…first name is also a nickname for the male member.



Winner: New Jersey


Category #2: Sensitive Goalie


New Jersey: The summer after Sean Avery called him “fatso”, Marty Brodeur came back 15 lbs lighter and in the best shape of his career.  The he tore a bicep muscle and probably gained all of the weight back.



Detroit: Chris Osgood has been hearing about how bad of a goalie he is since 1993.  Well, I guess when you win 3 Stanley Cups, a share of 2 William Jennings Trophies, and post 16 consecutive winning NHL seasons, it doesn’t really matter how bad people think you are.



Winner: Detroit


Category #3 Brendan Shanahan


New Jersey: Drafted Shanny 2nd overall in 1987.  He left as a free agent after the ‘90-’91 season to go the Bitter Brittle Blues.  Returned to Jersey 18 years later after sitting out most of the ’08-’09 season.  He played a very limited role and decided to retire in the summer of ‘09.


Detroit: Three Cups…checkmate.



Winner: Detroit


Category #4: Head Coach is a Sith Lord


New Jersey: Have to thank Pensblog for creating this one…



Detroit: Well…Babcock almost has a Death Star, only with an “e” at the end of it.



Winner: New Jersey…”Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you‘ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force!”


Tie-Breaker Category: Google Image Search [Team Name] + dumb


New Jersey: Apparently someone thinks that the Devils suck.


Detroit: Just like last time…a picture of Hossa (a different one)



Winner: Detroit


Prediction: OK, you’re going to think this is stupid, but I just have a feeling that 6 goals are going to be scored in this game.  So what I did is take 6 paper clips and cut out 6 pieces of paper with either “D” for Detroit or “N” for New Jersey.  I threw them up in the air and the score came out…of course…three to three.  So in the overtime toss (one paper clip) it landed New Jersey so I’m guessing the score is going to be 4-3 New Jersey in either OT or a shootout.  Kind of keeps in line with the whole Two-Face thing that Chris did in his last post, doesn’t it?  Logic and reasoning didn’t seem to be working, so I went with this strategy.