Pointless Preview: 12/3 vs Edmonton Oilers

Category #1: Best use of Photoshop


Edmonton: Zach Stortini, perennial fighter/cement head…




Look up Kimbo Slice on Youtube, the old fights (the ones he used to win)


Detroit: Zetterberg/Lidstrom, two Swedes with attitude…




Thank you, Nucks Misconduct.  Now S*ck it.


Winner: Edmonton


Category #2: Don’t Let Todd McFarlane Design Your Third Logo


Edmonton: This half oil drop, half metal cog thingy…




Detroit: Told Michigan native and Spawn creator to stick to comic books, and stayed classy.


winged wheel


Winner: Detroit


Category #3: We Over-Pay


Edmonton: Dustin Penner – 5 years and $21.25 million…nearly 10 times what he was making in Anaheim.  But wasn’t that whole Burke vs Lowe saga entertaining during the summer of 2007?




Detroit:  Brian Rafalski – gets $6 mil a year, but has improved his career best output each year since joining the Wings



Winner: Detroit (Edmonton was paying their $4.25 million dollar man to ride the pine last season)


Category #4: Bad Buckets


Edmonton: Gretzky/Messier




Detroit: McCrimmon




Winner: Detroit…because McCrimmon’s helmet was so dysfunctional that it obviously compressed his brain causing him to completely forget how to coach a PK.


Prediction: I just have a feeling this game is going to be 1-0 or something crazy like 7-5…either way, Wings win.