Pointless Preview: 12/17 vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Category #1: Your Put Your Nickname on Your Jersey?

 Tampa Bay:  Took a page out of the Ottawa “Sens” playbook and came out this…



Detroit:  Once again takes the high road.  And because putting “Greatest Team in All of Professional Sports” wouldn’t really fit on a jersey.

Winner: Detroit

Category # 2:  We Employed Barry Melrose

Tampa Bay:  On June 23, ESPN reported that Barry Melrose had been chosen to be the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning for 2008-2009 season which was confirmed by club next officially the following day.  After getting off to 5-7-4 start, Melrose was fired after losing to the Red Wings (a game that Chris and I watched in a bar across from Fenway Park in Boston).  Melrose went on to say that he hoped the team didn’t win another game all season after getting the boot.  They would, but only 19 of their final 66 games.


Detroit: Melrose played 35 games for the Red Wings between the 1983-1984 and 1985-1986 season he managed to register 1 assist in those games.  It was rumored that Melrose wanted the coaching gig in Detroit in 1993…we decided to go with Scotty Bowman instead.




Winner: Detroit…canning any new coach after 16 games is ludicrous, even if it is Barry Melrose

Category #3: I’d Like to buy a Vowel, Please

 Tampa Bay: Paul Szczechura


 Sizza-shoora?   Siz-check-hura?  What the hell?


Detroit: Andreas Lilja 


 You know…the j that sounds like a y.

 Winner: Tampa Bay

 Category #4: Drew Miller in 2009


Tampa Bay: 14 Games Played, 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pts, -3


Detroit: 17 Games Played, 3 G, 2 A, 5 Pts, +5


Winner: Detroit

 Prediction: It’s really not a prediction, more of a desperate plea.  Please, please win this game.  I’m not used to seeing you guys lose.  I suffered through the farce against Dallas, the Florida frustration fest, and the shutouts of Calgary and St. Louis.  Please win this one for me.  I don’t care what the score is…really.