Pointless Preview: 11/11 vs Blue Jackets

Category #1: Looks most like a Professional Wrestler

Columbus: Ken Hitchcock as Paul Bearer

“Ohhh Undertaker!”

Detroit: Brad McCrimmon as Marty Jannetty

Sure not much similarity back when Jannetty was in his prime, but look at him now….

Winner: Surprisingly, Detroit…because Jannetty might actually do a better job of coaching the PK

Category #2: Dumbest Player

Columbus: Mike Commodore, for taking this photo…

Detroit: Doesn’t matter, no one tops that in stupidity.

Winner: Columbus

Category #3: Better Mascot

Columbus: Stinger…green cross between a bee and a ninja turtle. And what is that tuft of yellow I see peeking out beneath that jersey?  Happy Valentines Day, indeed!
Detroit: Al the Octopus…though soft in color, fierce in demeanor. Rather than have a former college (male) cheerleader dress up in a suit, Al hangs in the rafters. Named after our legendary zamboni driver and fashioned after one of the game’s longstanding traditions.

Winner: Detroit

Category #4: Best Use of Flammables at Home Games

Columbus: The cannon. Fired off every time the Blue Jackets score a goal at home. Thank god that 8-2 drubbing last season was NOT at their home rink. The cannon is also always accompanied by “For Those About to Rock” by AC/DC.

Detroit: The scoreboard goes ablaze during the pre-game during the Stanley Cup play-offs.

Winner: Actually, I’m calling this one a tie…the cannon is unique, but the Joe makes up lost points for saving the firepower for the the play-offs (much like the team does).

Since Jimmy Howard will be starting tonight, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be a high-scoring affair. Rick Nash is a beast and against Jimmy? I fear for the republic. Wings win, but it won’t be pretty…7-6